Сумасшедшие соседи

I have posted before on how my condo neighbors are swingers and loved to be watched. Well the other night, they were at it again.

We went for our monthly resident meeting to discuss issues and then Sue invited a friend up some wine. The 4 of us went over to their apartment where Joe, cracked open a lovely bottle of Cabernet, which is the universal indication that Sue will be getting fucked by his enormous cock later that same evening, the 3 of us knew this but their guest Jen didn’t.

After being privy to a few of their swinger evenings where Joe sometimes doesn’t even participates I knew this was NOT going to be one of those nights. The 2 ladies chatted on the couch while Joe and I sat on stools near the breakfast bar, and I could tell he was fucken horny as he wasn’t listening to anything I was saying.
Finally he turned to me and said, that Jen was one fine piece of ass while rubbing his groin. I’d seen that look in his eyes before when he was about to ravage a group of women during an orgy. He didn’t always fuck, but when he did, no cunt was safe. I’d seen him pummel 5 women relentlessly in one night. His cock had a mind of it’s own and it was about to make an appearance.

Straight out of a pornographic movie, he pulled it out of his pants and it was almost fully erect, a spectacular 8 inches of man meat. He retracted the foreskin, revealing an engorged purple cock gland head and grabbed the bottle of wine before making his way to the ladies on the couch.
Sue saw him first and shook her head, saying this is way we don’t have any new friends over. Jen gasped when she saw Joe’s cock telescoping out of the zipper of his pants.
More wine, ladies…Joe said, and honey could you please suck my dick. Sue immediately and without hesitation took him in her mouth and aggressively blew him. I know they both get a kick out of surprising people with their sexuality. Jen was staring as almost everybody does when they see 2 people in a zone having sex and of course at the size of Joe.

He then bent his lovely wife over the couch, lifted her dress over her head and to no one’s surprise Sue wasn’t wearing underwear. He removed his clothes and within seconds was absolutely slamming her from behind. Jen had enough and got up to leave, Joe pulled out and Sue walked her to the door like nothing was happening. Joe stood there stroking his pussy juice covered cock waiting for her to return.

Knowing how this shakes down, I walked to the door myself, and pulled out my semi-erect cock. Sue grabbed it and stroked me, while talking to Jen. This one is more normal is you want a taste honey or why don’t you let me eat your cunt. Sue dropped to her knees and pulled down Jen’s yoga pants and panties and went in face first into her bald cunt. Jen grabbed her by the back of the head and encouraged her on. Sue is the best pussy eater I’ve ever seen…she doesn’t stop.

Joe put some porn on the TV and waited to see what kind of evening this was going to turn into. His massive erection had now eased and we were both watching Sue on her knees gobble up Jen’s sweaty cunt. Sue dropped her to the floor and turned her into a 69. Joe understood that sometimes he had to wait because the women control the swing and cock might not be called for, so he went limp. He knew Sue would relieve both of us from any blue balls scenario we might face. Jen was a newbie and maybe a little lesbo action was all she could handle for tonight.

After both women achieved orgasm, we had a toast. Jen indeed was not ready for dick, so Joe was the perfect host, albeit naked and with a cock that hung like a hose, he prepped drinks for all of us. He deep French kissed Sue and commented on the fragrant taste of Jen’s musky cunt. Then he started to inflate again! Sue knew this time there was no stopping him. She quickly asked Jen if she wanted to feed him her cunt or she was about to watch a horny husband release the cum that had been building up in his balls for the past hour.

Jen spread her legs and Sue force fucked her cunt with Joe’s tongue. She practically suffocated the man, but he enjoyed every minute of it, because his cock was rock hard and Sue knew she was in for a long, hard night of fucking. She reached down and stroked the shit out of that thing, a fucking farmer’s milking if I’ve ever seen one. Jen was offered the fuck but declined, then she watched as Joe took his wife and lay her down and what ensued can only be described as love making. They were so into each other, its as if we weren’t there.
I sat beside a relieved Jen, its amazing what an orgasm does to someone, and she offered to manually release me.

So there we are, I’m getting stroked by a hot middle-aged woman, while we watch a couple make love in various positions in front of us.
When the time came, Joe pulled out of Sue and ejaculated a massive load all over her tummy and pubes. I took hold of my dick and released my load as well much to Jen’s delight.
Joe, like a loving husband went to the freezer and got Sue an ice pack for her cunt. It was all red from the half hour of fucking it had gone through with that weapon of a cock. He popped open a bottle of champagne and dipped his limp dick into 2 glassed that he shared with Sue…I know it sound weird but their marriage is lasting a longer time than mine with a prudish wife.

I walked Jen to her condo and we exchanged numbers and agreed to go out for dinner. Once again, the sexual openness of my neighbors was leading to relucted individuals getting out of their comfort zone. We had already seen each other’s junk after all.